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Aureliano Marín:

An Exceptional and Innovative Tanguero

Aureliano Marín, originally from Cordoba, is an essential figure in the contemporary Argentine music scene. As a singer, double bassist, and composer, he stands out for his unique and captivating interpretation of tango, which he skillfully blends with jazz influences.

The Voice of Modern Tango

Known for his deep, melodic, and powerful voice, Aureliano Marín captivates audiences with his precise phrasing and expressive interpretation. According to Mariano del Mazo of Clarin, his way of singing is special and rare, and his clear, profound voice blends perfectly with the double bass, creating a unique musical performance.

A Respected Artist by the Press

Critics are unanimous about Marín's talent and originality. La Nación highlights his natural and simple interpretation of classic tangos, while Ámbito Financiero describes him as an exceptional tanguero who respects the tradition of the genre. For Telam, Marín is one of the most promising young performers of the decade, with evident qualities due to his classical training.

Tango Jazz Innovator

Marín is not only rooted in tango tradition but also seeks to renew this musical genre. His project Aureliano Tango Club has received praise for its album "Cool Tango," which harmoniously combines tango and jazz. Radar and Clarin applaud this innovative "new sound" that enriches the Argentine tango scene with jazz chords and refined elegance.

International Recognition

His talent and innovation have also been recognized at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, where his trio surprised and delighted the audience. Carolina Prieto of Radar mentions how Marín successfully blended tango and jazz, delivering an exceptional performance with his double bass and voice.

Virtuoso Composer and Performer

As a composer, Aureliano Marín uses modern language to create love stories and plausible places of the new century while deeply respecting the roots of tango. Cristian Vitale of Clarin notes that his debut CD proved his ability to inseparably merge tango and jazz, reminiscent of Astor Piazzolla's innovations.

A Lasting Impact on Tango

With his debut album "Cooltango," Marín has made a mark on the "porteño" tango scene. His interpretation of pieces such as "Nieblas del riachuelo" and "Milonga sentimental" demonstrated his virtuosity and commitment to music. Caras y Caretas described his debut as exceptional, highlighting the lasting impact of his work on the Argentine music scene.

Aureliano Marín continues to charm audiences and push the boundaries of tango with his talent and creativity, solidifying his place among the great artists of his generation.


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