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La Nación

his voice and his natural way of performing. He has been working really hard.” Mauro Apicella Ámbito Financiero. - Buenos Aires - Argentina -


“Marin: an excellent Tango singer is born. The young Aureliano Marín from Córdoba shows himself as an original Tango singer that does not betray the tango tradition in his kind.”  Ricardo Salton  - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 



“Aureliano Marin... He reveals himself as one of the youngest promising singers of the decade. Marin’s virtues are evident, and this is not only because of he has a strong classical education. Marin does not sing out of tune, he does not

shout, he knows how to modulate, he is not a hard paper scamp, and he makes himself clear without difficulties. He has an absolutely male,melodious and a dark voice. Marin is not kitschy.” Hector Puyo  - Buenos Aires - Argentina -



“Aureliano made a great Cd “Traditional and equally exquisite” He is a composer who uses contemporary music language fluently, he invents believable stories of places and love stories from the new century....Aureliano tries to give to Tango other breathes, in some cases he uses Jazz bases to add into his versions, but persists in each song a

deep respect of the genre that it is luckly renewing itself.” Jorge Göttling  - Buenos Aires - Argentina -


Pagina 12

“At the end the Tango it is not only a matter of Porteños. It may like or not. But it is unquestioned that Marin really does what he wants. He showed it in his first album... - Buenos Aires - Argentina -


Playboy (Top 10)

A 2005 surprise.... Aureliano showed himself as an extraordinary singer that besides playing the double bass makes his own musical arrangements.... here we have a musician, a singer and an outgoing person that is claiming for stages .  - Buenos Aires - Argentina -


Festival Tango Tarbes France, Festival de tango de la ville de Buenos Aires, festival de tango de Rome (auditorium Parc de la musique), festival de tango de Berlin (Théâtre de la Volksbühne), Altertango Festival (La limonaia) à Florence, Tangoworld Festival (Fivizzano, Italie), Festival International de Tango Argentin ( Aix les Bains), Festival international du film de Mar del Plata (Mar del Plata), festival de tango Joven ( Buenos Aires) , Festival de tango del Cubo (Buenos Aires) , Festival de Tango de Rosario ( Rosario), Teatro del Libertador San Martin (Cordoba), Teatro de la Rivera (Buenos aires) , Teatro Alvear Buenos Aires , Teatro Viedma Argentina , Mampf-jazz (Francfort), Alexanderplatz Jazz Cliub (Rome), Maison musique (Turin), Notorious Jazz Club (Buenos Aires ), Clasica y Moderna Jazz Club (Buenos Aires), La Trastienda Club (Buenos Aires), Torquato Tasso centro cultural (Buenos Aires), Centro cultural de la cooperacion (Buenos Aires) , Club del Vino( Buenos Aires ), Festival de musique de san Benedetto del Tronto (Les Marches, Italie), Festival San Isidro ( Madrid), Studio de L'hermitage (Paris), Bevo vino (Florence), Negracha Tango Club (Londres) , Buskers festival (Lucerne), Buskers festival (Neuchâtel), Théâtre du passage (Neuchâtel), Nouveau Monde (Fribourg), Théâtre des marionnettes (Fribourg), Le lux (Le locle), Pôle Sud (Lausanne) , Tierra Incognita (Genève), Bar king (Neuchâtel) et dans encore une multitude d’autres lieux (clubs, milonga, bar) à Pérouse, Sienne, Lecce, Rome, Lucca, Pise, Gênes, Samara (Russie), Stutgart, Erlangen, Herrenberg, Heidelberg, Le Noirmont, Lausanne, La Chaux-de-Fonds, theatre de Vevey Suisse, Tiszavirag Fesztival Szolno Hungary...

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